Leadership Development Designed for Your Schedule

Micro courses give you the narrow, targeted content you need without all the fluff. Learn what you want, when you want.

Leadership Micro Courses

Remember Leadership Retreats? Not long ago they defined the way organizations do leadership. Spend a bunch of money to book a resort, plan dinners and activities, and off your leadership went. A few months later, was your business really better?

There is value in those retreats, but they are hard to plan and expensive.

We're reimagining the way leaders define success

Changes in the way we work have affected how we approach leadership development. Some teams are remote, and sometimes bringing everyone together isn't the best option, or even an option at all.

That's exactly why we decided to build leadership micro courses. Each one gives you a fast-paced dive into a highly specific topic. They take about an hour, and include a video and workbook.

So you can get in, get what you need, and get on with your business.

How Leadership Micro Courses Work

1. Find the Micro Course You Need

Consider your workplace challenges. You may be having trouble leading remotely, creating a culture of accountability, or finding great talent.

2. Watch the Video

We call them Workout videos, and each one lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. They're loaded with information that addresses a highly specific topic.

Fast-paced and to the point, watch as often as you'd like.

3. Complete the Workbook

This is a robust, actionable resource. It includes challenging questions that require your thought and insight. It’s designed so that you can take what you learn from the video, and put it into action.

Download it, share it, challenge your team.

Choose Your First Leadership Micro Course

There isn't much "micro" about these courses. We call them Leadership Workouts, and they all come loaded with a fast-paced, info-packed video, as well as a leadership development workbook. Most of these Workouts take about an hour, making them easy to consume for busy leaders. Come back to them as often as you like, download your workbooks, and use them again and again.