About the Leadership Gym

Our Story

How we think about leadership

In the gym we work every day on becoming better leaders. We build the mindset, the skill set and the habits of people who can change the future for our business, our team, and ourselves. Inside, you will find the tools to help you do that work.

Leadership is not something that should be reserved for a think tank or a laboratory or even a book.  In The Leadership Gym we deal with real life, real challenges, real leadership.  We challenge ourselves, work hard, and emerge a little better than we entered.  And that changes everything.

If you believe leadership is an intellectual pursuit, you might not like it here.  Leadership is not just about knowing how to lead.  It’s about focus and practice and process so that we don’t just understand leadership, we execute it.  Leadership matters enough for us to do that work together.

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Our Team

Randy Hall, Founder, Leadership Gym

Randy Hall
Founder & CEO

I get to work with amazing and aspiring leaders every day. I can’t think of a much better way to spend a career. I started out in sales and then sales management and then worked my way up to executive leadership development roles in a couple of different Fortune 25 companies.

What I really found fulfilling was studying leaders and leadership and then organizing what worked into a set of models and frameworks that turned leadership from some kind of mystical art, into a relatively simple process. Then I started diving into the neuroscience associated with how humans behave and how they change that behavior and integrated that into the way successful leaders create amazing results and develop strong teams. Along the way I developed an understanding of self leadership and connected the concepts so that we can think of effective leadership as leading high performing teams, and also creating a better future for ourselves as we do.

I started an executive coaching and consulting business over a decade ago so that I could support leaders as they continued to improve and create even better results. It’s been incredible.

After conducting over 5000 executive coaching conversations and training tens of thousands of leaders in live workshops. I started the Leadership Gym.

Successful leadership is a process and it requires regular work that adds up and builds into the mastery of helping other people accomplish more. Thinking about it as a consistent daily process, much like going to the gym, helps leaders progress faster and farther and have more impact on themselves and those they lead.

Kelly St John

Business Support Manager

As the Business Support Manager, Kelly is eager to bring her expertise and positive attitude to deliver exceptional care for every Aspire member. From managing client communication and engagement to building solid business operations, she thrives in creating an environment in which client’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Before joining the Aspire team, Kelly served as a Project Manager for video production at NASCAR where she oversaw communication with multiple departments to consistently deliver stellar results.

Kelly holds a degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Business Administration and Marketing and utilizes this training to contribute her thoughts and ideas to numerous aspects of Aspire. She is passionate about animal care and considers her most precious family member to be her Shih-Tzu/Yorkie mix, Riley. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking road trips to the mountains of North Carolina.

Robert Beachum

Director of Marketing

Robert’s experience spans from startups to public sector work, including ownership of a web services agency, where he focused on digital marketing, web design, user experience and corporate branding.

To the Leadership Gym, Robert applies a combination of twenty years in marketing and technology with an endless desire to learn new things. He brings experience in leading teams, project management, and communications in national campaigns, though nothing brings him more professional gratitude than the opportunity to exceed a member's expectations.

In his free time Robert enjoys baseball and most sports, and reads as much as he can. He treasures time with his two children, playing with his dog, and cooking meals the kids wouldn’t touch.