How to Assess Performance & Potential on Your Team 

Great leaders follow processes, not impulses. Having a consistent process for assessing performance and potential will allow you to review your team in a structured way, add clarity to your coaching conversations, and prioritize your time in a way that ensures you’re spending it in the right places, and on the right things.

How to Assess Performance & Potential on Your Team

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Randy Hall

Performance is based on results. Potential is based on possibilities.  

Performance is comprised of habits, results, and experience. Does the person you’re assessing have a set of routines that cause them to perform well? Do they achieve positive measurable results? Can they replicate strong achievement consistently over time?

Potential consists of attitude, habit building, confidence, effort, and accountability. How does this person affect the people around them? Are they capable of adopting new ways of working when necessary? Do they avoid finding excuses or reasons to stay within their comfort zone? Do they work hard to master new ideas or skills? Do they focus on solutions more than problems?

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