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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Leadership Gym help me?

The Leadership Gym will give you insight and tools to become a more effective leader.  You can use the tools here in the Leadership Gym to lead your team, your business, or even your family or community at a higher level.  We practice proven models and concepts that will let you build your skills and immediately begin to get a different set of results as a leader, and we walk you through the resources step by step so that leadership becomes a process for you, not just an idea.

Why do I need to become a better leader?

Well, you may not need to.  If, however, you would like to have more impact on the people around you or work with teams to help them become more successful, then understanding the process, the tools and the skills used to do that kind of work can be an incredible journey.  Becoming a more effective leader can also set you up for an incredible career inside any organization that wants to increase the engagment or effectiveness of their teams. 

What kind of resources can I find at the Leadership Gym?

We provide leadership resources that apply to the real world, professionally and personally. Topics include career advancement and self-leadership, leading and coaching others, and team and talent development. These and more are provided through formats like:

  • 30-minute Leadership Workout videos covering a specific leadership topic that supports your journey in becoming a better leader.
  • Fitness Plan worksheets, which correspond directly with the related Workout video, for helping you apply your new insights and knowledge and taking you through the application and practice of the concept step by step. 
  • Podcast episodes that discuss the realities of leadership in your world. 
  • Group Coaching Sessions, led by Randy Hall, Founder of the Leadership Gym. Join others who are in the same leadership boat as you, and aim to become more productive, effective, and consistent as a leader.
  • Livestream Q&A: Find answers for those burning questions that hinder you from becoming the example of leadership you want others to see.
  • Leadership Blog: Practical examples and applicable guidance for leading yourself and others.

How can I encourage others to join the Leadership Gym?

When you’re on your way to becoming a great leader, you don’t want to leave others behind! Make sure your colleagues understand the benefits of the resources offered at the Leadership Gym:

  • Video content that's relevant in today’s world and resonates with anyone who leads a team professionally or wants to grow as a leader personally.
  • Tactical exercises that allow you to practice and master your new leadership skills.
  • Podcast episodes and blog articles that you can gain insight from during your downtime.
  • You get to be a part of a community of leaders who desire to make a bigger difference in the world and develop yourself and others in ways that change the future.

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Could a Leadership Gym membership be beneficial if I want to learn to lead myself and family better?

Absolutely! In the Leadership Gym we deal with real life and real challenges. And that means learning to be a better leader for yourself, your family, and your community.

How much does it cost to join the Leadership Gym?

Just $99 per month.

Should my organization enroll multiple leaders at the Leadership Gym?

Of course! Even though each of us are on our own path to growing as leaders, it’s always beneficial to surround yourself with those that will understand the journey. When you have a whole team that is learning to be their best, the possibilities for a better future are endless. It’s absolutely essential that as you’re learning ways to become a more effective leader, that you are also teaching your team to lead others as well. Allowing your team to become members of the Leadership Gym will give everyone the opportunity to take ownership over their own future as a leader, and will create the alignment that’s needed to create positive change within your organization as a whole.

How do I get my team involved?

Seeing is believing. Lead them to the Leadership Gym. The Leadership Gym has free resources such as the Leadership blog, podcast, and other free tools that your team can begin to use. If you’re already using the resources offered exclusively to members, your team will take notice of the positive change in how you’re leading them. They can become better leaders too. Encourage your team to take a look around for themselves!

How do I cancel my membership?

Just send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of any page on the site, and we'll get right with you.

How do I contact Leadership Gym?

Just use the super-simple contact form in the footer of any page on this site. We'll get back to you ASAP!

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