February 26, 2021

Leadership Workout  01 The purpose of your interview is to find out how well your candidate has performed in the past, how they think, solve problems, handle challenges, and plan and prepare. Fitness Plan  02 The best questions, outlined in this workout, will give you the real story of your candidate’s past instead of a

February 23, 2021

Leadership Workout  01 As you begin to speak to someone who isn’t performing at their best, keep in mind that you’re looking for evidence of alignment, engagement, and forward movement from this conversation. Fitness Plan  02 You can have your best  conversation while helping someone improve their performance. Use this fitness plan to think about

February 10, 2021

Leadership Workout 01 Your success profile should look at potential new hires in 3 ways: experience, fit, and impact. When you have a success profile in place, you have an ideal picture to compare your new candidates to, and you’re able to approach the interview process in a way that helps you find people who

January 14, 2021

Leadership Workout 01 Let’s not compare compliance to non-compliance. Instead, let’s compare compliance to commitment based on these 5 factors: change; time; focus; legacy; agility. Fitness Plan 02 Ask yourself these questions: Am I involving people earlier in the decision making process, and in my thoughts and ideas? Am I putting my time into people

December 18, 2020

Leadership Workout 01 As a leader, goal setting isn’t only important for you, it’s also essential for those on your team. It’s important to set goals for yourself as a leader so that you’re able to accomplish more, lead a team well, and get the results you need for the business. Fitness Plan 02 Goals

December 11, 2020

Step 1 - Future State 01 As a leader, you can help someone create their future state, but you cannot make someone choose the future state that you desire for them. Step 2 - Ignition 02 Ignition is the spark that connects your emotional brain to your executive functions. This can rewire your brain and

December 4, 2020

Leadership Workout 01 Thoughts drive our actions, and actions lead to results. Proactive coaching begins with thoughts and is focused on setting others up for success instead of reacting to their results. Fitness Plan 02 Schedule proactive coaching, prepare for it, and be consistent with it. If you’re consistently coaching in a proactive way, others

December 3, 2020

Leadership Workout  01 After always believing that you can help others be successful by telling them what you think about their performance, it can be challenging to wrap your mind around the research that says otherwise. Fitness Plan  02 We’re able to have a positive impact in the daily life and careers of those around