Team Leadership

Part 3 – Worksheet

Lesson 2 Module 1

As you coach others it is important for us to understand what causes people to take the actions they take.  Our ability to help others take different actions is dictated by how much we can change their thinking.  If we can help people have new thoughts, new ideas, new insights, new intentions then we can help them take new actions and get a better set of results. 

Too often as coaches we work on fixing the results based on our reaction to something they did or didn’t do.  That is reactive coaching and while it is necessary sometimes, if it becomes the bulk of the coaching we do, we will likely find ourselves always trying to “put out fires” with our coaching instead of consistently building a stronger and more capable team.

In this worksheet I want you to be the architect of a good proactive coaching conversation with one of your team members.  Walk through the following exercises to build a foundation for a great conversation with them that can change their thoughts about the future.