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How to Create a Fully Accountable Team

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Is your team fully accountable?

Accountability.  It’s a word that gets used a lot but candidly, but as I work with leaders they are often struggling to create a fully accountable team of people.  

A team that owns their effort, their mistakes, their improvement and their results.  A team that consistently learns, becomes more capable and accepts responsibility for the future of the business. 

Fully accountable teams don’t wait for instructions, they don’t drop all their challenges on their bosses desk and they don’t spend time on blame, gossip or victim thinking. They tackle challenges, solve problems and find a way to succeed.

If you want to learn how to help your team become more accountable, this webinar is for you.  

Creating a fully accountable team is not just about holding people accountable when they make a mistake or screw up.  That’s really just about blame and consequences.

This webinar will help you learn how to help people become more accountable, not just punish them when they aren’t.  It will help you learn how to set up systems, processes and habits as a leader that cause accountability so that you are not just reacting to the lack of it. 

In less than one hour you will understand how to define accountability more effectively and then help the people in your business move toward more of it. That will change the future and this webinar will help you get there. 

Join me as we work to become leaders who can make a bigger difference, have a lasting impact, and build more accountable teams.  

I will see you there, and together we will equip you to take your team to the next level.

In this webinar you will learn:

How to define and fully understand accountability

If you just talk about accountability as a vague, aspirational trait, it is very difficult to effectively pursue it.  In this webinar you will learn how to use different words to describe accountability in ways that help your team understand how to actually achieve it.

How to identify accountable behaviors and support them on your team.

Often, managers hire less accountable people or even have trouble identifying exactly what the most accountable people on their team do to exhibit more accountability.  You will understand how to screen for lack of accountability, both in your hiring process and in how you evaluate your team, using specific behaviors and actions that show up when it happens.

Why victim thinking is the opposite of accountable thinking and how to address it.

To create more accountability on our team we also have to identify behaviors that detract from it or create roadblocks for us as we work to create more of it. You will learn to clearly identify victim thinking and work to help your team members move away from it and toward accountable thinking.

Why “holding people accountable” is not the best way to create more consistent accountability.

What often happens is that managers focus on what they do to people after they are not accountable.  This is not the best way to help people become more accountable in their next set of actions.  What we really want is not to punish lack of accountability, but to develop consistent accountability on our team, and those two approaches require different sets of actions by a leader.

The 3 habits you can build as a leader that will increase accountability on your team right now.

Accountability is the hallmark of a team when the leader does a few consistent, effective things that encourage and support it.  You will learn what habits you can create that will immediately make a difference in how your team thinks and acts. 

The things leaders do that discourage accountability

Sometimes leaders actually encourage less accountability on their team through their actions.  It’s not something any leader wants, but often, we bring it upon ourselves in the messages we send to the team and the way we lead.  You will learn what behaviors to shift so that you are not making your job as a leader harder by encouraging less accountability on your team. 

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Randy Hall, Founder, Leadership Gym

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I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of leaders in all kinds of different businesses. Every day I get to help leaders and organizations create their best future. I also led my own teams in the corporate world for decades and I know how hard leadership can be. I am still learning every day but after conducting over 5,000 executive coaching conversations, I want to share the insights and tools that I know work for great leaders. Leadership is not a gift, it’s a set of thoughts we create, actions we take and habits we build to get consistently better results.

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