Ten Things Great Leaders Do Consistently

By Randy Hall, Founder, Leadership Gym

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What people are saying about Randy

Brenda Snyder Senior VP, The Human Resource Group

Randy understands how to develop processes, systems and learning programs to drive business performance. Don't hesitate to engage Randy to partner with you in driving your business results.

Allison Harris Vice President, Bank of America

Randy translated his knowledge of corporate human resources and leadership development into actionable advice for the audience. The audience was taking notes and leaning forward in their seats the entire time. He brought the presentation to life with the stories he shared. I feel certain that his presentation will make a difference in the careers and lives of those who attended, and I would highly recommend his firm to anyone looking to bring out the best in their organizations and themselves

Jim Gillece Chief People Officer, Allied Barton Security

He has the ability to bring practical business solutions to meet your specific business needs and match that to your culture.