The Success Profile – The Foundation For Hiring Exceptional Talent


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Build a successful talent pipeline

Time: Approx. 1 hr.
Segment: Culture, Talent, Team
Workouts: 1 Course video
Fitness Plans: 1 Course Workbook

A success profile is a description or picture of the ideal person you want to fill a role on your team. It is the foundation for a successful talent pipeline. Unlike a job description, that describes the duties required or experience needed, a success profile describes the human needed for the role.

Your success profile will serve as a starting point and a guide when filling an open role. This gives you a very clear target to aim for, instead of relying on your gut instinct or experiences from past employees when hiring a new person.

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Randy Hall, Presenter

Founder, Leadership Gym

I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of leaders in all kinds of different businesses. Every day I get to help leaders and organizations create their best future. I also led my own teams in the corporate world for decades and I know how hard leadership can be. I am still learning every day but after conducting over 5,000 executive coaching conversations, I want to share the insights and tools that I know work for great leaders. Leadership is not a gift, it’s a set of thoughts we create, actions we take and habits we build to get consistently better results.