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Does your organization's culture lack accountability?

When you build an accountable culture in your company, you are setting the stage for sustainable success, adaptability, and high performance. And, it may be the one thing you have your competitors can't copy.

Build an accountable culture

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Accountability in the workplace matters

In any organization, accountability involves what, and importantly, how work gets done. The best businesses may have great products, competitive pricing, and efficient supply chains, but what sets them apart as industry leaders is the culture and accountability their workforce exudes.

Your team's culture starts with leadership, brings teams together, and helps define your business.

Randy delivered a workshop and tools for us over two years ago and it is still creating a positive effect that increases daily! Each member of my team is far more relevant today as a result!

Mike R

Area Sales Manager

Learn how to build a fully accountable team culture

Participate in 6 weeks of interactive learning and coaching that will help any leader create a more accountable team and a more accountable culture in their business or organization. You should be able to invest a few hours each week to realize your full potential.

Leaders Will Learn:

  • Specific actions and steps that can be taken by leaders to ensure their team is more accountable
  • A planning process that helps leaders show up in ways that consistently cause accountability
  • How to identify, recognize and support accountability in your culture
  • How to identify, recognize and eliminate victim thinking in your culture
  • How to hire for accountability
  • How to use a specific coaching process that results in more accountability on your team
  • Why culture is a leader’s responsibility and how to use it to cause increased success in your organization
  • Why culture makes more decisions in your organization than leaders do
  • Components of a successful culture and how leaders can support and sustain them

If you want a team that shows up at their best, this course is for you.

Create a positive workplace culture

Video Lessons

Each week, leaders will receive a video lesson that will explore concepts and processes and use models and frameworks so that leaders can organize their learning into sets of actions, behaviors and habits that get consistently better results.

Leaders teach best when they are learning

Learning Exercises

Leaders will have opportunities to engage in the learning process through the use of leader exercises that let them explore their own thoughts and actions connected to the content and to practice the thoughts and actions that will help them improve their leadership capabilities in this area.

Live leadership coaching

Live Coaching

Multiple times throughout the course, leaders will have an opportunity to work with Randy Hall live in a group video executive coaching session to create an interactive learning opportunity and to explore examples, application and real world scenarios related to the content. This is often where the content becomes real and where leaders move from understanding to application

Start your path to better leadership

Live Q&A Support Sessions

Throughout the course Randy will be available live to support leaders, answer questions, add additional clarity to the subject matter and help leaders work through their own plans and behavior changes that they would like to make to change the results they are achieving as a leader.  

Randy Hall, Presenter

Founder, Leadership Gym

I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of leaders in all kinds of different businesses. Every day I get to help leaders and organizations create their best future. I also led my own teams in the corporate world for decades and I know how hard leadership can be. I am still learning every day but after conducting over 5,000 executive coaching conversations, I want to share the insights and tools that I know work for great leaders. Leadership is not a gift, it’s a set of thoughts we create, actions we take and habits we build to get consistently better results.

Get what you need to change your workplace culture


What is culture and why does it matter so much in any organization


Components of a successful culture and how leaders can support them


Why culture is a leader's job and how leaders affect culture every day


What is accountability and how do you define it inside a team or business


Accountable thinking vs. victim thinking


Recognizing accountable thinking and victim thinking


Hiring for accountability


Coaching for accountability


Leader behaviors that build and crush accountability in any organization


Planning for increased accountability on your team

Check out what participants have said about Randy

Randy's workshop was engaging, relevant and thoughtful, and weeks after the event we're still reviewing our notes, talking about it and excited about applying the lessons learned. I found Randy's style and approach to be both inspiring and practical, with just enough big picture (change management) concepts to work on and lots of day to day ways to apply best practices.

Bill S - VP, Sales and Marketing

Randy understands how to develop processes, systems and learning programs to drive business performance. Don't hesitate to engage Randy to partner with you in driving your business results.

Brenda S - Senior VP

Randy translated his knowledge of corporate human resources and leadership development into actionable advice for the audience. The audience was taking notes and leaning forward in their seats the entire time. He brought the presentation to life with the stories he shared. I feel certain that his presentation will make a difference in the careers and lives of those who attended, and I would highly recommend his firm to anyone looking to bring out the best in their organizations and themselves

Allison H - Vice President

Start Building Your Accountable Team

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  • 6 week curriculum - commit to just a few hours each week
  • Live group coaching
  • Live Q&A 
  • Video lessons
  • Learning exercises

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