APCC: How to Assess Performance & Potential on Your Team – Fitness Plan



Click the PDF icon above to access the fitness plan.  If you have not watched the linked Leadership Workout above, it is very helpful to watch the video and then work through the fitness plan to support you as you implement the leadership concepts.

Use this Fitness Plan in conjunction with the Leadership Workout - How To Assess Performance and Potential On Your Team to create a process that more effectively organizes the way you examine how your team performs today and what they might be capable of tomorrow.

The most important measures of a team are how good they are today, and how good they could be tomorrow. That lets us focus our coaching time with individuals on our team differently and also helps us track the improvement of our team over time. It also lets us have more effective, clear, and impactful coaching conversations with people on our team because we can support them in specific areas where they can make progress.

Work through this plan for your team or even yourself so that you can add more clarity to the way you analyze success and the potential for more of it.

Randy Hall

About the author

I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of leaders in all kinds of different businesses. Every day I get to help leaders and organizations create their best future. I also led my own teams in the corporate world for decades and I know how hard leadership can be. I am still learning every day but after conducting over 5,000 executive coaching conversations, I want to share the insights and tools that I know work for great leaders. Leadership is not a gift, it’s a set of thoughts we create, actions we take and habits we build to get consistently better results.

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