Why Feedback Rarely Improves Performance

And How to Change That

By Randy Hall
Founder, Leadership Gym

In this video you will learn:

  • Why people often resist, deflect, or defend themselves when you try to give them feedback
  • How to help others consider your thoughts and feedback as they change and  improve
  • How to deliver feedback that is recognized as helpful, rather than treated as criticism
  • The 4 things that cause people to rapidly change their behavior
  • How to help people be less emotional when you are sharing feedback with them
  • How to structure your feedback so it actually supports others as they work to improve their performance or make progress towards increased levels of success

What people are saying about Randy

Brenda Snyder Senior VP, The Human Resource Group

Randy understands how to develop processes, systems and learning programs to drive business performance. Don't hesitate to engage Randy to partner with you in driving your business results.

Jim Gillece Chief People Officer, Allied Barton Security

He has the ability to bring practical business solutions to meet your specific business needs and match that to your culture.

Bill Smith Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Globe Express Services

Randy's workshop was engaging, relevant and thoughtful, and weeks after the event we're still reviewing our notes, talking about it and excited about applying the lessons learned. I found Randy's style and approach to be both inspiring and practical, with just enough big picture (change management) concepts to work on and lots of day to day ways to apply best practices.