August 13

Episode 46: Does Your Team Think You're a Bad Boss?

Bad bosses aren’t hard to find. Did you know that 76% of people say they have had or currently have a bad boss?

And if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve probably been a bad boss at one point in our career.

Better bosses get better results.

The better we become as bosses, the more often we can help people perform at higher levels and become more engaged. A truly successful boss makes their team better. And this is why leading effectively matters. During times when talent is hard to find, keeping great employees and keeping them engaged is of most importance. We all have days when we don’t lead at our best. But we can still progress in ways that help others and the organization become more successful.

Characteristics of a bad boss 

Examine how you’re leading compared to a “bad boss”. Do any of these characteristics describe you?

Bad bosses:

  1. Value authority over impact. This boss misses the opportunity to have an impact on their team. Instead, they believe they are in charge of their team, not responsible for them. This authoritarian view is best combated when revisiting your definition of success in terms of your relationship with your team.
  1. Rely on their impulses more than their intentions. It’s never one’s intention to be a bad boss. It’s often their impulses that made it a reality. Planning the conversations you will have with those on your team will serve as a safeguard against your impulses sending the wrong message during your discussions.
  1. Lack learning. This boss isn’t exploring new tools or learning new ways to engage with others that cause them to sustainably improve and change.

Think about these things as you lead others. If you find yourself valuing authority over impact, relying on your impulses more than your intentions, or not consuming the things that help you become a more effective leader, then your “bad boss” days may outnumber your best boss days.

Become the person that causes others to be more productive, more effective, and more engaged over time. This can change your future and the future of your business.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 46: Does Your Team Think You're a Bad Boss?

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