July 30

Episode 45: Foundational Skills for Your Best Leadership

If you want to see real results from your leadership, there are 2 key components that must be the foundation for the way you lead. You must learn to coach and hire well. There are lots of other leadership skills that build upon these pillars - engaging people more effectively, building a stronger culture, and leading change - but if you’re not coaching and hiring well, then you won’t have a foundation to develop other important leadership skills.


Coaching is your ability to have conversations with others that help them become more successful.

Part of the way great leaders coach is to explain what good looks like. When others fully understand what good looks like and they have contributed toward that picture, then they’ll understand the path toward it much more effectively. This is exactly what you want to see in your team.

You’ll know that you’re coaching well when:

  1. The person is more engaged because of your coaching. They get more excited about their work and show up energized about the job they’re doing. If your coaching disengages employees, then you’re not coaching successfully.
  2. This person thinks differently. They have challenged their own thoughts to help them find new paths to success. (You’ve affected their thoughts and the insights that they have). If someone doesn’t think differently, then they will only act differently out of compliance.
  3. The changes this person made are sustainable. It’s not just a bump in performance. You see lasting change in them after your coaching.


If you can’t evaluate talent in a way that brings in high potential people to your team, then you can’t be successful as a leader. Have a process in place that helps you select high potential. And remember, experience isn’t a judge of who will be successful in the future.

Do you have a proven process for bringing in top talent? Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Would I hire them again?
  2. Can I improve this process, or do I trust my gut to do it well?
  3. Do the people I hire make my team better? Do they help us get better, become more innovative, and more collaborative?

If you don’t hire or coach well, advancing your other leadership skills may fall short, since your time is likely to be spent putting out fires and trying to fix problems. But if you can make hiring and coaching well a main priority, then you can build on that with leading change, developing your talent, and creating the right organizational structure and strategy to create your best future.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 45: Foundational Skills for Your Best Leadership

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