July 25

Episode 44: Happy Leaders are Better Leaders

It’s true, you can’t lead a fully effective and engaged group of people if you’re an unhappy leader.

Since managers have a great impact on the productivity of others, it’s important that they’re engaged and happy themselves. It’s nearly impossible to have a positive impact on others if you’re not happy as you lead them.

Does your life reflect what matters most to you?

Did you know that the brain is happier when it’s moving towards something? When there’s a destination in sight that you want to head towards, you become happier - you’re working towards things that you truly care about!

In this episode, Randy will help you uncover those things in your life that make you the happiest. These things have always been a part of your life, you just need to devote the time to think about and unveil them. When you make a conscious effort to consider (1) the things you’re good at, (2) the things you enjoy, and (3) the things you do that matter most, you can be purposeful about spending more of your time in these areas.

Automate, delegate, or eliminate.

Moving toward exactly what makes you happy also means taking a close look at the things in your life that (1) you don’t like, (2) you’re not good at, and (3) don’t matter to you. Whenever possible, consider automating these things, so you’re spending less of your time on them. Think about delegating to someone who is good at these tasks, which will give them the opportunity to learn and develop. It may even be necessary to eliminate the things that don’t matter or no longer serve a purpose for you.

Think about improving your happiness and becoming a leader that others can learn from and connect with. In doing so you’ll make a positive difference in your world and theirs.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 44: Happy Leaders are Better Leaders

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