June 16

Episode 42: Change the Communication Flow in Your Business

Lack of effective communication can kill a business. Remember that as a leader, not only is the way you choose to communicate your responsibility but it’s also very important to be mindful as to how your message is received.

Poor communication reaps a harvest of poor results.

The effects of poor or ineffective communication:

  • It slows down decisions. Having to get approval, or other’s ideas and opinions can delay the decision-making process if it takes a couple weeks. Collaboration is important, but if it takes a significant amount of time then it’s not a productive communication process.
  • It causes redundant work and reduces quality of work. When communication isn’t at its best and everyone isn’t aware of the tasks each other is working on, more than one person may be trying to solve the same problem within the organization.
  • Increases conflict due to assumptions. If you don’t understand someone’s perspective or their thoughts and ideas, then you may assume they’re not working on the project, or they don’t care about the project. This can lead to emotional responses as to why you believe this person did or did not do something.
  • It kills productivity due to ambiguity. If you’re unaware of what you should be doing, then you stand still until you have all the answers. Ambiguity causes the mind to stand still. If you’re not sure you’re supposed to be a part of the project, you won’t work on it or move forward until you have better answers or instructions.

Think outside of your typical communication.

Communication must be great within an organization to make it most effective. Be a leader that encourages communications, instead of just telling others to communicate.

  • Communicate in any direction. As a leader you may say, “you don’t have to run things by me first.”
  • Consider other types of communication such as morning huddles or frequent short meetings.
  • Ask your own questions. “What are your thoughts on…” Clarity is gained from discussion.

Start looking for ways to break down the communication silos and old mindsets within your organization and encourage others to communicate no matter where they fit in the business.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 42: Change the Communication Flow in Your Business

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