May 28

Episode 40: The 7 Dimensions of Success

What do you want your world to look like in two years? You’re not alone if you describe a certain role you want to be in, or a certain salary range you hope to hit. But put your tunnel vision aside when thinking about what success looks like for you in the future. You can envision more than one ideal.

Success isn’t just one dimension.

Let’s explore success in multiple dimensions. Take a holistic, comprehensive approach when creating your definition of success. If you’re just looking at one dimension, you may be choosing one thing at the expense of other things. Success is everything working in harmony (ex: not JUST money). Build your definition of success in harmony with the other things in your world, so that you get real success - not one-dimensional success.

Consider and think about these 7 dimensions of success:

  1. Role: What role do I want?
  2. Money: What do I want my income to look like?
  3. Time: How will I spend my time?
  4. Relationships: What kind of relationships do I want with my team?
  5. Impact: What do I want to be different because I showed up?
  6. Legacy: What do I want to leave behind?
  7. Thoughts: What do I want my thoughts to be focused on and invested in?

If you’re truly successful, where is your mental energy focused? This will drive how you feel about your life. So, spend some time on these dimensions as you start thinking about your future and your definition of success.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 40: The 7 Dimensions of Success

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