Episode 37: Choose your focus, choose your future. 

 April 23, 2021

By  Randy Hall

The Leadership Gym Podcast

It’s important that as a leader you’re choosing to focus on the right things that move your business forward. Focus is where you choose to put your attention. There are three types of things we focus on:

  1. Things that demand our focus (a screaming child, a coworker with an emergency).
  1. Things that attract our focus (things we’re interested in or care about, or want to pay attention to). Our brain is exceptionally good at filtering and bringing to our attention the things that we care about most.
  1. Things that wait for our focus. These things won’t present themselves to us. We have to choose to find and focus on them. From a leadership perspective this may be team engagement or culture building.

A lack of team engagement may be something that attracts your focus at first, and then demands your focus ultimately.

What you focus on most will grow. 

Whatever you decide to focus on, will expand in your life. And fortunately, in the expansion of anything you focus on, you’ll find learning, insight, possibilities, depth, and understanding.

For example, if you start to focus on someone’s development, you will start to understand their career goals and their most valuable strengths. This could lead to the possibility of them filling a new role that is best suited for them. New possibilities are created because of your choice to focus on employee development and find out the strengths and skills of your team members.

Choose your focus.

You get to decide what expands and becomes a bigger part of your life by what you choose to focus on. And where you choose to put your focus will affect the kind of leader you become. What’s waiting for your focus this week? What do you want to explore further? Decide and let the things that are important to you integrate into your world!

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 37: Choose your focus, choose your future.

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