March 22

Episode 33: Turn Bad News into Positive Growth for Your Team

The Leadership Gym Podcast

The way you communicate negative news impacts your team.

When you must deliver negative news or information about things that are out of your control, it’s important be mindful of how you share this information with your team. Blaming others for a decision you don’t agree with from upper management or asking your team to execute changes they know you don’t think are best, will diminish the respect they have for you as a leader, and will tarnish your level of influence. Ultimately, you risk setting them up for failure, which will cause them to have a negative outlook of executing any change well.

Your job as a leader isn’t to simply be a conduit of information from the top level of your organization down to your team. Your responsibility is to look at shifts that need to happen and set your team up for success with the new things they have to do. Support and help your team do this new thing well, by taking ownership of the insight they gain from your message.

Create a “toward state” for your team.

Help your team process and consider the new possibilities that come from the news you deliver and support them as they begin to execute and act on a new way of operating.

Ensure the best possible outcomes with the information you must deliver, by first asking yourself these questions:

  1. How do I set the receiver of this information up for success as I communicate?
  2. If I were the other person, what would help me fully engage in the direction I need to go?
  3. How can I focus my team or the person receiving the information, on moving toward something valuable or important?

When delivering new information to your team, your job is to first think through it yourself, ask yourself some good questions, and set your team up for success with this information. This will allow them to use it to build a better future for themselves and the business.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 33: Turn Bad News into Positive Growth for Your Team

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