Episode 31: Consider Your Past but Focus on Your Future 

 March 1, 2021

By  Randy Hall

The Leadership Gym Podcast

There is value in the past. 

Your past continues to shape the way you currently think. Obviously, you can’t change what happened to you in your past, but you can change what it means to you and how you think about it. You can decide that the things from your past have helped you build strengths that will help you build your best future. Or you can decide that the things from your past define you and have trapped you in them. The way you choose to think about those past events will affect how you think about your future.

Your best future is ahead.

Really great leaders have the ability to help people craft and think about their best future. The best leaders are able to do this because they have built habits for themselves to think about their own best future. That usually means separating their future from their past or understanding the things that they remember from their past are highly edited. Keep in mind that thoughts are not necessarily facts or truth, they're just things we thought.

Stay in the forward.

Forward is about change, creation, and possibilities. It’s a blank canvas. As leaders, when you shift your thoughts and the thoughts of others to a space not confined by the past, then you have the ability to create a better future and begin a new chapter. As you’re helping others spend their time in “forward space” and think of new possibilities, you will begin to build skills for yourself that help you do the same. When you’re thinking about your future differently, you’re more successful at helping others do that as well.

The constraints of the past will fade away, only when you consider the possibilities of your future without them.

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The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 31: Consider Your Past but Focus on Your Future

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