February 22

Episode 30: Finding Balance Between Leadership and Management

Management versus leadership. One isn’t necessarily good and the other bad. It’s just that sometimes they do compete against each other for our time. When you have a better understanding of management and leadership, as well as what each looks like for your business, you’ll know which one you’re doing and understand how to do each one well.

The Components of Management 

Keep in mind that management isn’t about people. Anything you can do on your own or with documents is considered management.

  1. Analysis - Using data to analyze your business and figure out where you’re headed.
  2. Planning - Looking ahead and organizing what you want to do in the future.
  3. Resources - Time, money, equipment, physical space, outside contractors (not the people in your business).
  4. Structure - This could be the structure of your teams and how they’re organized.

The Components of Leadership

The components of leadership activity is anything that involves interaction or human behavior change.

  1. Culture - This is the environment people work in. It’s the personality of a group of people, and how they collaborate on projects, or teach and learn.
  2. Talent - The people we hire, recruit, and select.
  3. Engagement - How do my people show up? Are they bringing their best selves to work?
  4. Change - Leading a group of people through change successfully.

Take notice of the amount of time you’re spending on management and leadership so you can begin to lead more effectively.

The Leadership Gym Podcast
The Leadership Gym Podcast
Episode 30: Finding Balance Between Leadership and Management

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