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Revealed ... How to Coach Like BETTER THAN a Boss

If You Lead a Team, You NEED this Course

Have you ever wished that people listened to your coaching, took it to heart, changed their actions and delivered better results based on that coaching?

Sometimes as a manager or leader, you just end up getting treated like a boss.

Bosses are people that employees love to hate, gripe about and are certainly not the person they would go to for advice or coaching.
Don’t coach like a boss. Learn how to coach more effectively with this 3-part short course.

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This Short Leadership Course Will Help You ...

Understand the Goals of Coaching

Effective coaching causes others to care, listen, fully understand, and implement in ways that move them closer to success.

Coach More Effectively

Structure your coaching so that it causes your team members to think differently and then make the changes they need to improve.

Connect with Your Team

Learn how to have conversations that allow you and your team members to work together as they consistently improve their performance. 

Create Action toward Success

Cause your team members to leave your coaching conversations with a plan for changing their actions and creating more success for themselves?

Create Engagement and Productivity

Want to reduce the people challenges you encounter on your team? This course will teach you how to:

  • Think differently about coaching and developing others
  • Have better coaching conversations
  • Increase the level of your team’s contribution 
  • Change the future for your team and your business

When you help people think differently through your coaching conversations, they will engage differently, develop, and improve. Help people move toward their goals and their idea of success by using proactive coaching, which is more about asking than it is about telling. Instead of rehashing past mistakes or failures through reactive coaching, ask questions that will cause others to be proactive. 

Set your team up for their best decision making in the future.

Get FREE access to How to Coach Like Better Than a Boss now!

This short course will help you coach so that your team is more productive, more engaged, and more effective. If that would make your life easier or your business better, then we are waiting to help you get there. 

How to coach better than a boss

Course Overview

How to Coach Better Than a Boss is a short course based on three sessions. Access to each session will be emailed to you, and you can watch them on your own schedule. You can also access them as many times as you like.

You Will Walk Away Understanding ...

  1. 1

    What’s happening in other people’s brains while you are trying to coach them

    Why people are not thinking about your coaching the way you want them to

    How to set up a coaching conversation for success

  2. 2

    A process for ensuring that people listen and are engaged as you coach them

    How to work with anyone to help them improve their performance

    How to reduce the mistakes and errors your team makes

  3. 3

    A step by step approach to better coaching conversations

    How to prepare so that every coaching conversation is a better one

    What to do when coaching conversations go badly

Randy Hall, Founder, Leadership Gym

Randy Hall  //  Founder of Leadership Gym

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders in over 5,000 executive coaching conversations in all kinds of different businesses. I’ve helped organizations chart a better course and then develop leaders that can take them in that direction. I also led my own teams in the corporate world for decades and I know how hard leadership can be. I am still learning every day but I want to share the insights and tools that I know work for great leaders. Leadership is not a gift, it’s a set of thoughts we create, actions we take and habits we build to get consistently better results.


What People Are Saying

"Don't hesitate"

Randy understands how to develop processes, systems and learning programs to drive business performance. Don't hesitate to engage Randy to partner with you in driving your business results.

Brenda Snyder  //  Senior VP, The Human Resource Group


Delivered a workshop and tools for us over two years ago and it is still creating a positive effect that increases daily! Each member of my team is far more relevant today as a result!

Mike Rhodes  //  Area Sales Manager, Pfizer

The Best Time to Start Coaching Better is Now!

Don’t coach like a boss. Access this free 3 part short course to reorganize your coaching process so that it has far more impact for your team and your organization.

How to coach better than a boss

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